Timber Decking & Boardwalks

Ekki Hardwood Timber Boardwalk at Cambridge Research Park, Ely Rd, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9TF Timber Cladding at Paddington, London Decking and Timber Cladding on a lorry Ekki Hardwood Bridge in Hampshire Retail Outlet in front of the General assembly building for the Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queens Walk, More London, London SE1 2AA

Boardwalks and Decking are more often specified in hardwood species as these are more durable and hard wearing. Decking profiles can have an anti-slip treatment applied if needed.

All our timber is sourced from the highest quality, reputable, softwood and hardwood suppliers. We will design, manufacture and install your boardwalk or supply materials for you to construct yourselves.


MCL has many years experience of specialist cladding systems, in a range of temperate and tropical timbers.
Cladding design, predominantly using FSC® certified soft wood, incorporates many different shapes and finishes.

Once the profile and shape have been decided the surface "coating" is key. Many options are available from traditional stains to innovative "charred" finishes.